What causes pain?

There are multiple causes of pain, and they can be related to the mind, the body or caused by trauma, overuse and physical stress or strain.

1) Strain associated with day to day life

We live in a demanding world that is increasingly stressful. Repetitive strain associated with professional or personal pressure can create an overload on weak or imbalanced muscles. At Parkland, we make it a priority to strengthen and rebalance your muscles in a systematic, progressive manner so you can finally live the pain free life that you deserve.

2) Anatomical problems associated with joints, bones or discs

An incorrect posture, wrong lifting/carrying technique can create a breakdown of weak soft tissues or unstable joints. We teach you the correct way to use your joints and muscles and enable you to move and function with optimum efficiency.

3) Deterioration of cartilage or joint surfaces.

The gradual deterioration of cartilage or joint integrity is an unfortunate effect of aging. Repetitive motion or muscle weakness associated with activities can create joint destruction, especially if an individual is overweight or deconditioned. At Parkland Physical Therapy, we enable you to become stronger and healthier, thereby minimizing the effects of joint deterioration.