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Aquatic Therapy Program

Pool therapy provides therapeutic benefits with the warmth of the water providing a pain relieving effect. In addition, water provides buoyancy, which creates a significant reduction in the amount of weight bearing load through the low back, pelvis and lower extremity joints. It creates an ideal environment for individuals suffering from osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, back pain and joint replacements. Furthermore, the viscosity of water can provide resistance training for strengthening of the upper and lower extremities. Water also provides hydrostatic pressure, which is pressure that is applied around all surfaces on an immersed object. The hydrostatic pressure applied to the body or limbs can assist with support and swelling reduction, which in turn, can allow for improved range of motion and reduced pain.

Summary of the benefits of aquatic therapy :

  • Increased cardiovascular function - resistance of the water aids in controlled conditioning.
  • Reduced stress on joints - buoyancy reduces the stressful effects of gravity on the body.
  • Improved muscle strength and tone – resistance of the water aids in gentle muscle strengthening.
  • Increased range of motion and flexibility – the support of the water allows for effective stretching.
  • Increased balance and coordination – balance can be challenged in a safe environment.
  • Pain modulation – the warmth and the support of the water decrease pain.
  • Decreased edema – the hydrostatic pressure of water decreases swelling.
  • Improved posture and trunk stability.
  • Promotes relaxation.

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